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Beta App Released

Your love story starts now!

The beta app has been released today on both Android and iOS devices. This comes after a long development process that we will likely document later on. This page has been posted to keep track of known bugs and issues with the beta app.

Please keep in mind that this app is in beta, and we are trying our best to work out all the problems you may find.

There is a "report a problem" button on the settings screen to report anything you find. Alternatively, our instagram is open to DM, and our email


  • Bring previously swiped back once all users have been swiped thru. [Added April 6, 2020]
  • Cropping.
  • Undo swipe.
  • Program specific preferences.
  • Age/Year filter.

Overall Bugs

  • Server latency issues [Investigating]
  • Images are being compressed too much. [Fixed March 29, 2020]
  • Some profiles are coming up after being swiped on. [Cannot reproduce]
  • Delete Account is missing. [Fixed March 29, 2020]
  • Some users are being logged out at random times. [Should be Fixed April 5, 2020]
  • Incorrect data is being stored at account creation for an extremely small subset of users. [Fixed April 6, 2020]

Android Bugs

  • Banner notifications are not appearing on some devices.
  • One Plus users may experience no date on match conversations. [Fixed April 6, 2020]

iOS Bugs

  • No bugs reported currently.

Thank you for your continued support!

The RU Mine Team