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The Valentine's Day Surprise and How It Works

Happy February Ryerson!

Love is in the air! Today we launched Cupid's Arrow, a fun match making service to help you get a lovely date for Valentine's Day! This is not the RU Mine app, it is just a fun way to find some love while you wait for the #March2020 release!

How does it work?

Cupid's Arrow is very easy to use! When you visit the Cupid's Arrow main page, you will be asked to sign-in using your Ryerson Google account. Once you're signed in, you will be asked to enter your Instagram username; this will be shown to your matches and will be the way you can get in contact with your matches as well! The next page will ask you 15 quick questions about scenarios or situations you may find yourself in. Once you've answered these, we will save your answers and send them off to our match making penguins to work their magic!

The penguins are magic but they take a few days, so come back on February 12th to see your top 5 matches!

How are you being inclusive with Cupid's Arrow?

Fantastic question! We have reached out to our community and have come up with what we feel is a good way to represent nearly the entire Ryerson community. We are always aiming to be truly inclusive, and we know that we probably won't have it perfect on the first try. Cupid's Arrow, in a lot of ways, is acting as a testing ground for how we should be approaching inclusivity, as a whole, for our RU Mine app.

We would love to hear your input if you're a member of this community! Help us pave the way for a truly inclusive dating app for Ryerson. Send us an email at!

How long is this running for?

We will have Cupid's Arrow open for submissions until February 11th. The site will then be closed as our match making penguins go through all your answers to find you the perfect 5 matches! The site will reopen on February 12th with your top 5 matches.

Thank you Ryerson!

The RU Mine Team